Israel law does not consider CBD as a dangerous drug anymore

Israel has updated its Dangerous Drugs Ordinance 1973 to exclude CBD-based products from the list.

To date, possessing CBD-products in Israel without a legal license and other permissions was equal to possessing opium or hashish.  It was a serious offence as per the Dangerous Drug ordinance of 1973. It meant that if caught in possession of CBD-products without a license, a person may be fined or even imprisoned. Fortunately, all has changed now.

For decades, various researchers, CBD manufacturers have been fighting for the decriminalization of the possession of CBD. It is well-known that medical CBD, which has THC below 0.2%, does not cause euphoria. Thus, there is no logic in comparing it with other so-called heavy narcotics.

Israel is not the only country that implemented a blanket ban on all kinds of cannabis products in the middle of the last century. For decades, despite all the supporting data, govt authorities in various nations were refusing the change the legal norms. Despite such a piece of clear evidence that CBD is beneficial for health and does not have narcotic properties, various govt bodies have been hesitant to change the legal framework.

The Health Ministry of Israel has finally done the corrections in the legal framework, ensuring that CBD can now be readily produced. More importantly, its possessing will now not require any special license or other kinds of permissions.

It will have many benefits for various participants in the industry. These changes mean that more companies can now manufacture CBD products. It also means ease of carrying out CBD related research work. These changes will also lead to a reduced price of CBD products in the market. Thus, these changes are equally good for the industry and consumers.

Removing CBD in Israel from the dangerous drug ordinance is a step forward. One can expect that in the near future, quite like the EU or the US, one may be able to procure CBD products without medical prescriptions. However, there is still a way to go, as there is a need for broader regulatory changes. Nonetheless, this particular change is a blessing for those living with specific chronic ailments, in which CBD might help.

It also means that, in the near future, there will be an upsurge in the popularity of CBD products in the country. Consumers or patients can expect to see many more and better CBD products in the market.

To some up these changes, Yoav Kish stated that “it is a day of significant progress, and finally, the mission of relieving patients relying on medicinal cannabis is established.”

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