We are happy to announce that CiiTECH flagship brand Provacan’s CBD oil made the Handpicked’s Top 10 – The Best CBD Oils in The UK 2021


Handpick fame’s its top 10 list for the following reasons:

  • First, it’s not paid for! None of the brands in our “Best CBD Oil UK” list has paid to be there (unlike some of the other CBD lists you’ll find online).
  • It’s based on real data. Handpicked is the UK’s leading CBD marketplace. As such, we can see exactly what CBD oil customers are buying and enjoying.
  • We’re CBD oil experts. We’re contacted by new CBD brands everyday, all trying to get their products listed on Handpicked CBD. That puts us in the fortunate position to test a wide range of CBD oil! It also means our team has become pretty good at spotting the good, bad and ugly.


Why this is a big deal?

With so many options on the market it can be confusing to consumers. Handpicks top 10 list does the homework for you. They know what to look for in a CBD product that you may not necessarily think of.


There are many products on the market that contain snake oils or information that is unclear and not easy to understand.


Why Provacan?

Provacan has always believed in transparency. The brand uses very clean and simple messaging that is easy to read and understand.


Furthermore, All the ingredients and processes that Provacan uses to curate it’s products come from high-quality sources and developed together with leading cannabis experts to create a clean, trustworthy product that many Britons have come to love, trust and use on an ongoing basis.


Provacan CBD oil’s come in a variety of strengths so be sure to pick up your bottle today.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from the Cannabis plant. More specifically it is an extract from Hemp. The cannabis plant has two varieties, Hemp and Marijuana. The reason for using Hemp is that this plant has a higher CBD to THC ratio, unlike Marijuana which is higher in THC. 


The CBD is then extracted from the hemp plant using specific technologies. CBD oil may be taken in a variety of ways including, CBD oil, tincture, edible, capsule, tablet, vape, or topical.


It is also important to note that CBD will not make you high, again, unlike THC. CBD products sold in the UK must contain under 0.2% THC.


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