Provacan makes Handpick’s Top 10 list for Best CBD Oils in the UK for 2021

We are happy to announce that CiiTECH flagship brand Provacan’s CBD oil made the Handpicked’s Top 10 – The Best CBD Oils in The UK 2021.    Handpick fame’s its top 10 list for the following reasons: First, it’s not paid for! None of the brands in our “Best CBD Oil UK” list has paid […]

CiiTECH plans to launch Provacan range with THC in the UK and Israel


CiiTECH is one of the leading players in the CBD market in the UK, and its CEO Clifton Flack is quite optimistic about the future of CBD in the country. Flack thinks that the demand for medical cannabis is going to expand considerably in the near future. Thus, CiiTECH is planning to add new products […]

CiiTECH pledges educational grant to UK’s MCCS (Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society)

partnership ciitech and mccs

CiiTECH pledges educational grant to UK’s MCCS, as it understands the need to inform and educate people, healthcare industry stakeholders about new developments in the field of cannabis-related remedies. This educational endeavour will further help consolidate the position of CiiTECH as one of the pioneering, research-based organization. It will help validate, first of its type, […]

New Provacan VapePod formula-Higher strength

Provacan adds another high-potency product to its portfolio of VapePod range. It’s a vaping product with 78% cannabinoids (72% CBD), along with added benefits of terpenes. Many individuals find VapePod range of products more attractive, and there is a reason. Not just that some individuals find it a more comfortable way of using CBD products, […]

CiiTECH joins New Leaf Opportunities

CiiTECH firmly believes that there has never been a better time to invest in the cannabis sector in the UK than now. Thus, the company has joined the New Leaf Opportunities (NLO) campaign. CiiTECH founder and CEO will be sharing his views on this emerging investment opportunity in the upcoming online event organized by NLO. […]

CiiTECH brand IMPACT SPORTS CBD, launches Pro range of CBD oil with 0%THC!

CBD industry is transforming fast, getting better regulated and research-based. Thus, there has been lots of changes, not just in industry regulations, but also in requirements towards products. Ideal CBD product must be safe for various population groups. IMPACT has focused lots on coming up with purer forms of CBD, that is fit for various […]

CBD massage oil- a new product from Provacan

PROVACAN unveils an all new and upgraded CBD massage oil. Everyone has some understanding of the benefits of massage. It can help lower pain sensitivity, improve blood flow, help relax, enhance the quality of sleep. Massage is loved both for its perceived health benefits and psychological impact. Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms […]

CIITECH LABS, one of the leaders in CBD research, sponsors ICRS 2020 symposium

Latest 2020 symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) was held online due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And CIITECH LABS participated as one of the key sponsors. CIITECH LABS is getting scientific know-how and research support from Hebrew University. Who is ICRS ICRS is the leading scientific research society focusing on exploring the uses […]

The difference between CBD oil and Hempseed Oil

What is the difference between CBD oil and Hempseed Oil and why you might be buying the wrong one? If you are here, you might have a little know-how regarding CBD and industrial hemp. The two terms, CBD oil, and hemp seed oil are often used as one as the majority of people do not […]