The CTA Announces the Confirmation of a Co-ordinated Primary Authority Partnership with Oxfordshire Trading Standards.

CiiTECH is a proud standing member of the CTA. The expertise and guidance of the CTA has been vital in CiiTECH’s growth through advising CiiTECH brands on prerequisites to stay within the regulatory framework of the UK. 

For CiiTECH, a crucial aspect of the business is to curate brands that are safe and legal to use. Clifton Flack, Founder and CEO of CiiTECH, is emphatic that his customers always come first, and that there is a huge need to protect UK customers. One way CiiTECH does this is by working with organisations such as the CTA to secure protection of CBD consumers. 

From the beginning, with the flagship brand Provacan, transparency and education have been top priorities for the company and are what made it popular among hundreds of thousands of Provacan CBD users to date.

According to the CTA website, CTA has members operating in other local authority areas in the UK, and are therefore regulated by a variety of councils. This new partnership with Oxfordshire Trading Standards can be used to ensure a consistent approach to regulatory requirements.

The partnership provides bespoke advice on crucial points of the industry. It can support businesses by providing assured advice on the continued changes in the regulatory system.

Primary authority partnerships support businesses such as CiiTECH by providing more certainty, reducing risk, and aiding in marketing compliance. This bridging of the gap between regulators and businesses is crucial for the industry and the protection of consumers. 

Benefits of being a CTA member:

  • A legally-binding agreement
  • A single point of contact at OCC and a dedicated officer who know your business
  • Reliable and robust assured advice
  • Ensured consistency of regulation for all UK members
  • Interpretation of legislation 
  • Assistance to reduce unnecessary checks and inspections for businesses
  • Help to reduce business risk
  • Aid with the resolution of compliance issues
  • A recognized partnership by other local authorities in the UK 
  • Prevention of enforcement action being taken if advice has been followed

The CTA states, “Where problems occur, other local authorities must liaise with the Primary Authority before any legal action can be taken. If the business has followed the advice of its Primary Authority, it is unlikely that legal action will be taken.”



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