The Legalization of Cannabis does not Appear to Increase Car Accident Rates

Since the legalization of CBD in many countries, demand has been rising regarding the legalization of cannabis, especially for recreational use. 

CBD is good for health. However, THC in cannabis also has some unique effects. Although cannabis is frequently used for recreational purposes, some feel that it has many other health benefits. 

However, those in need of cannabis for health reasons like those living with chronic cancer pain, find it almost impossible to find cannabis. 

Many countries now think that legalizing cannabis is a good idea as it may not necessarily add to increased harm in health. Legalizing cannabis may also raise awareness regarding it’s safe to use etiquette, quite like tobacco or alcohol.

These recent findings published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence show that the legalization of cannabis in Canada did not lead to increased emergency visits due to car accidents.

For the study, researchers looked at the data from emergency room visits since 2018, when cannabis was legalized in Canada. They collected data from Alberta and Ontario and found no increase in car accidents related to cannabis use.

Why are these findings relevant?

There could be multiple implications for these findings in Canada and globally. In Canada, the legalization of cannabis will be reviewed in 2023. This review will especially consider health concerns. However, these concerns are not essentially related to the direct harm of cannabis to health. It would also consider other issues like road accidents. Thus, this report provides some positive news.

Such reports will have broader implications. It is because, in many nations, demand for legalizing cannabis is increasing, but these nations are hesitant. Such reports will help counter the concerns that legalizing cannabis would have considerable health implications.

However, a short piece of warning, this report does not intend to say that one should drive after using legal cannabis. Driving a car after smoking cannabis would not be safe. What this report says is that legalizing cannabis does not lead to an increase in irresponsible behaviour.

This report does not mean that cannabis does not cause any ill effects at all. But what it intends to say is that its legalization would not pose a greater threat to the population.

Such findings are generally not difficult to explain. Effects of cannabis abuse are more common among those who use illegal cannabis. Thus, legalizing cannabis may not necessarily lead to an increase in the number of cannabis abusers. 

Furthermore, legalization may even lead to the increased responsible use of cannabis and greater awareness, like in the case of alcohol.

Such findings are encouraging in many ways. Countries looking to legalize cannabis are closely looking at the reports from countries that are early adopters of cannabis. Such results may help legalize cannabis in many other nations, and they would help alleviate unnecessary fear around legal cannabis.

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