The UK Loves Israeli Cannabis

WOW… what a few days we just had in London. CiiTECH was among 6 other CBD companies showcasing at the 22 year old and Europe’s largest trade expo for the health and wellness sector.

We presented our Israeli developed products loud and proud… not an ounce of BDS or animosity towards us. We explained continuously the role of Israel and specifically Professor Mechoulam in the understanding of Cannabis, only positive shock, and awe.

Here’s the headline:

Over 300,000 people in the UK now using ‘medical’ cannabis and not a single gov’t reform required… how’s that for a country on the fringe of becoming a cannabinoid superpower!

This is something that’s been brewing for the last 18 months.  Since the MHRA announced they now accept the medicinal value of CBD and would see it regulated as a food supplement, the UK has been proving itself worthy of the mantel ‘A Dark Horse in the Cannabis Space’

There are now over 150 CBD sellers cramped in the UK market serving over 300,000 users domestically and likely the same again that order legal British cannabis from overseas.

Whilst America falters with DEA rulings on CBD and consistent scandals surrounding the quality of products available, the UK has been stealing a lead.  The now well established Cannabis Trades Association has been all but given the mandate by the MHRA to regulate its members ensuring compliance and legality with all ‘existing’ EU and UK laws.

And this is where and why the UK is stealing the March.  Not a single sentence of legislation has been written, discussed or voted upon in Parliament.

  • Hemp is grown under the auspice of ‘agriculture’ in the EU…it’s legal
  • CBD is sold as a food supplement for which there are ample directives and guidelines
  • Marketing of medications & therapeutics have decades old British guidelines and protocols.

The great anomaly of the industry is that cannabis knowledge began in Israel, the most advanced and only existing gov’t mandated cannabis patient program is in Israel.  It’s no surprise we at CiiTECH choose to leverage the countries knowledge and experience to develop our ranges of CBD.

However, our products remain illegal and unavailable in Israel.  Whilst in and from the UK we’re able to supply unrestrained, customers are able to choose without ministry interference and make choices and decisions without the need for medical professionals who don’t have the answers.

Whilst many countries stutter towards medical cannabis reforms that only succeed in shutting down free access to CBD, the UK is running forward supplying world-class products to the world.

Back to the event, the Natural & Organic Product Expo.  It’s been running for 22 years, it’s largest of it’s kind and a veritable who’s who of the vitamin, minerals and alternative healthcare industries.  Of 700 exhibitors at least 7 had CBD products on offer.  Our booth location close to our industry compatriots was like a magnet for interested retailers and distributors.  Thousands came to the event to learn more about this trending topic, we’re on hand to help explain why it’s trending and how we can help them leverage the power of CBD for their own businesses.

BDS, what BDS?  we generally keep quiet about our Israel roots in the UK, however, we chose to be clear and transparent at the event.  After-all with over 150 competitors, it ‘s important to convey why CiiTECH products are most likely to be the most trustworthy in the market.

So… a toast to Israel for it’s continued contribution to the revealing of cannabis knowledge.

a toast to the UK for showing what can be done without the need for costly, complex regulation

a toast to the CiiTECH team for making it such a fun and productive few days.

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