Why CBD oil is so expensive

For new users, CBD oil seems to be very expensive, sometimes unnecessarily costly for such a small bottle. Let’s look at some of the reasons why CBD oil is so costly, and you will have the answer about its real cost.

Breeding CBD

Breeding CBD is a long and expensive process. It all starts with finding the right strain that is rich in CBD content and yet legal to cultivate. Also, farmers face heavy taxes and licensing fees for legal cannabis cultivation. For example, in the UK, the government allows only a finite number of growers to obtain cannabis growing licenses, and they are very difficult to get.

Besides, cannabis is a hardy plant. To obtain a high-quality product, it requires specific temperatures and moisture content. Often the plant is grown indoors in a temperature-controlled environment that requires additional costs.

Manufacturing CBD oil

The extraction process to isolate CBD requires significant preparation and costly high-tech equipment. The considerable amounts need to be spent on high-paid workers that know how to use the equipment like CO2 extraction machine.


After CO2 extraction, the mixture gets frozen and purified in a process called winterization that separates specific compounds.

Depending on the choice of CBD oil product composition, the cost can increase significantly.

Then CBD oil is bottled and prepared for shipment and consumption.

Getting ready for the market

The only way to confirm the quality of the final product is to get the product tested in the third party or independent laboratory. The tests cost a considerable amount of money, as labs do various tests not just to measure the content of active ingredients, but also to ensure that the final product is free from contaminations.

Some organizations in the UK go even further and certify CBD oil as Kosher that makes the product even more expensive.

Road to customer

Many people do not believe that CBD is safe and the manufacturers, encouraging them to pick up and try the oil, obtain several accreditations and certificates. CBD sellers hope that these documents will make people believe in CBD benefits.

Some people think a CBD oil bottle with a price of 80 $ is quite expensive. And they start searching for cheaper variants in the market. However, it is essential to understand that a high-quality product goes through many steps resulting in added costs, thus ensuring the quality.

If you want to purchase a CBD product, do not choose the cheapest one as you can run the risk of endangering yourself by using it. Choose reliable manufactures and reasonable price to get a useful and good product.


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