Why you should market your CBD brand on social media

The UK has seen a huge rise in recent years to the CBD industry. Although it has been under-regulated, marketing practices are quite strict.  It is very important to adhere to those regulations when marketing your CBD brand and to not mislead your consumers if you want to build a loyal customer base that will come to you for products they can trust.

Just like in any other market marketplace, the cannabis market is very competitive. several companies are now selling their products online, hence for a better competitive advantage you should be aware of your target audience.

Why market your brand on social media?

A great way to connect with your audience and to learn more is through social media. This is a great tool to understand who your consumer is and even talk to them directly, they are your best critic after all and today more than ever people love sharing their opinions on products online through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

What is your target audience?

Firstly you will want to understand your target audience. By understanding who your customer is, what they like and what kind of lifestyle they have you will be able to target and convert them into potential customers.

It is equally important to understand that different generations have different reasons for using social media and they differ quite a bit. A nice survey done by Adobe below outlines some of these differences.

Social media trends by age


Let’s take a look at millennial’s as a potential target audience.

These are kids of gene X parents and boomers. Millennial’s are estimated to be born between the year 1980 and 1995 and are the first generation to really be introduced to the first social media platforms.

Millennial’s turn to social media mostly to share pictures and updates, and who doesn’t love to brag a little about an amazing new product they may have found. They also turn to social media for getting inspired, getting advice, tutorial videos and news!

Buying online has never been easier and online shopping is only growing, while sharing and discussing all the latest products out there. Leading in strongly to our Gen Z’s who were born into a world full of a well established online shipping and social media.

Final take

Marketing your CBD brand on social media can be of great benefit to you. It will help you reach your potential customers such as millennial, women or athletes  who can play a big role in promoting your business to move to the next level and help you beat all your competitors.


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