Together with our flagship brand Provacan, with an exchange of knowledge, we have found common ground with the Israel Medical Cannabis Nurses Association.

First, CiiTECH is proud to partner with and sponsor the first annual conference of The IMCNA- (Israeli Medical Cannabis Nursing Association).

Clifton Flack, CEO of CiiTECH said “in the UK we understand the potential value of nurses for the emerging CBD / Cannabis Oil Industry. Our foundations in Israel enable us to work with the best in the field, the IMCNA has the cannabis healthcare knowledge and caregiving experience our customers in the UK are in need of as they begin using Provacan CBD Products”.

Second, over the coming months we plan to roll out cannabis care solutions to our Provacan CBD customers in the UK. For our existing regular customers CiiTECH will subsidise the cost, new and potential customers will be able to get private and personal access to the IMCNA nursing network at privileged pricing.

The IMCNA was founded last year by Irit Avisar and Rachel Mayberrie both qualified nurses with years of medical cannabis experience and knowledge.

Irit said “The IMCNA is a non-profit organization established to improve the quality of care for medical cannabis patients. At the IMCNA we have created a proprietary education program content to advance cannabis caregiving skills within our healthcare industry.”

The UK is yet to implement a patient program similar to Israel, instead, a flourishing CBD industry has taken hold. CBD is a compound found in both regular cannabis and Hemp.

“Our customers demand of us the information we’re prohibited from and un-qualified to give. With the support of the IMCNA as an independent organisation allows us to transfer the wealth of medical cannabis knowledge from Israel direct into the hands of the British public. We’ll be able to offer real solutions to real problems” said Flack.

The Israel Medical Cannabis program

The Israel Medical Cannabis program has been active over 15 years in Israel with significant regulatory reform in 2016 enabling the expansion of both the patient program and the commercial market behind it. Currently, over 40,000 patients in Israel use medical cannabis to treat a range of conditions from; pain, migraine, crohns, cancer, autism, and anxiety.

The UK CBD Industry

In November 2018 the Health Ministry approved specialist doctors to prescribe appropriately researched cannabis-derived medications. These products are currently limited to pharmaceutical drugs; Sativex, Epidiolex, Dronabinol, and Nabilone.

The UK does, however, have over 500,000 regular users of CBD oils and related products. Scientists tell us the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD makes it the true ‘medical cannabis’ compound within the plant. CBD is found in Hemp, a particular group of cannabis strains that are legal across the EU. In the UK, CBD / Cannabis Oil is sold without a prescription as a food supplement.


The IMCNA- the Israeli Medical Cannabis Nursing Association (RA), was founded in March 2018 by Irit Avisar RN, LLB, MHA and Rachel Mayberrie RN, BSN. The nursing service at IMCNA is here to reduce the learning curve and save the patient’s money.

We are proud to offer cannabis orientation classes and private nursing educational sessions for all patients. Our goal is to educate and empower the patient so that he understands how to adequately and safely use this medicine.

Provacan by CiiTECH
CiiTECH was founded in 2016 to serve the need for billions of consumers with restricted access to medical-grade non-psychoactive cannabis-derived food supplements.

Developed in Israel in collaboration with leading scientists and chemists, the Provacan range of CBD products includes; cannabis oil, lozenges, balm, and e-liquid. Produced under EU food supplement directives and UK healthcare standards, CiiTECH produces and markets the Provacan range to the world.

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