The use of medical cannabis and CBD is growing at a rapid pace. It means that more people are now using CBD products or cannabis extracts for managing their health conditions. Although there are many information sources about the various health effects of CBD, most do not provide enough information for healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

There is an urgency to provide reliable information to healthcare professionals, keeping in mind the growth in the CBD industry. Market statistics suggest that by 2025, it would be a £3bn worth of industry. It means that a considerable number of people may regularly use CBD products.

CiiTECH has always realised that there is a need to increase understanding about CBD among healthcare professionals. It is because very little is taught about CBD during formal medical education. Thus, most physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals do not feel confident when recommending these products.

Although physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, know the pharmacology of most drugs quite well, they have a limited understanding of medical cannabis and CBD.

CiiTECH is among the first companies to develop an extensive 12 module course for healthcare professionals in the UK. The course provides quite a comprehensive understanding of the role of cannabis in medicine and, more particularly, of CBD. It dives deep into the subject, explaining pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and all other essential facts. It is especially targeted at practicing physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

This course is available online so that busy professionals can complete it at their own pace. This particular course has also received CPD accreditation, meaning that it is certified to be suitable for continuing professional development. It means that the course is approved by an independent body, confirming that it provides valuable information.

This accreditation means that professionals can trust this course to fill their knowledge gaps. Thus, ensuring that their knowledge about cannabis or CBD remains current.

Clifton Flack, CEO, and founder of CiiTECH, said that their organization long felt the need for formalizing CBD education. Although there are so many CBD products in the market, but there is also a lot of misinformation adding to the confusion. Therefore, the best way of contributing to industry development could be to establish our own online academy, which could help keep healthcare professionals abreast with the latest developments in the CBD industry.

Joe Dolce, Founder and CEO of Medical Cannabis Mentor, says that they were excited to collaborate with CiiTECH and share their expertise in education with the company. Medical Cannabis Mentor helped produce this course and ensure that it follows all the guidelines and is fit for healthcare professionals.

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