PROVACAN unveils an all new and upgraded CBD massage oil.

Everyone has some understanding of the benefits of massage. It can help lower pain sensitivity, improve blood flow, help relax, enhance the quality of sleep. Massage is loved both for its perceived health benefits and psychological impact. Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of physiotherapy.

Cannabinoids also have a long history of use by humans. However, modern CBD products are quite different from the cannabis-based remedies used traditionally. Current CBD based products are more refined, safer, and available in the number of forms.

CBD massage oil brings the best of two worldsProvacan massage oil

There are numerous CBD products in the market, though not many CBD based massage oils. Consumers have long been using Provacan Massage CBD oil and after listening to their customers the team decided to take it up a level. The new and improved formula from Provacan was created following the feedback from numerous customers so that to give that unforgettable experience to customers and massage therapists.

This massage oil is latest in the range of CBD products made by the company; it is an all-new 100 mg CBD massage oil. Adding CBD massage oil to massage therapy may is a great way to take a massage up to the next level!

It is not just something that can be used only by massage therapists, it is quite versatile in use and thanks to many other ingredients it may be used for a self massage , post workout rub and as a hydrating oil. Massaging with the oil may help bring back a little bit of extra focus to parts of our body that need it most.

This new product is created in keeping in mind long-term safety issues. It means that the oil is made from top quality ingredients, undergoes rigorous quality control measures and is suitable for regular use.

Here at CiiTECH we work in collaboration with leading experts, scientists, biotech companies, in the CBD industry. But more importantly, we works in close cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This close collaboration with various participants of the industry helped CiiTECH to come up with CBD products that are high in potency, low in impurities. At CiiTECH, researchers are continually refining the extraction techniques, improving delivery systems. And this is how we helped improve the new Provacan CBD massage oil.

To come up with this unique combination of massage oils, we took a lot of feedback from the users and industry experts. The goal was to create a massage oil that is versatile and effective. This formula was widely tested by various users, particularly during massage therapy taken pre- and post-workout. Users also found it to be suitable for before or after shower massage. This new product is now available to everyone. It comes in a convenient to use packing and in the size of 50 ml.

One of the many reasons why the massage oil is so wonderful is due to its unique combination ingredients. This massage oil does not rely solely on CBD but has Eucalyptus, Ginger root, and Rice Bran oil, too. All these components are known to provide the oil with its unique aroma and relaxing properties.

Provacan provides a growing list of CBD products of the highest standard and quality. It means that all products are extensively tested in labs for purity. Provocan’s CBD products do not contain any unwanted purities. Provocan’s CBD products are low in THC, with total THC less than 0.02%. It ensures not only the absence of any psychotic effect but also fewer chances of unwanted effects. High purity or low impurities content helps minimize the risk of allergic reactions, which is particularly essential for massage oil.

CiiTECH and Provacans CEO and founder Clifton Flack says that “since the launch of the company, it had done its best to provide the consumers in the UK and abroad with the best and most innovative CBD products. The company is also focusing on broadening its product presentation, expanding product range for different needs. CiiTECH’s immense experience in producing state of the art products, its tremendous knowledge base, research, scientific collaborations, helps the company to keep refining its products.”





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