CiiTECH firmly believes that there has never been a better time to invest in the cannabis sector in the UK than now. Thus, the company has joined the New Leaf Opportunities (NLO) campaign. CiiTECH founder and CEO will be sharing his views on this emerging investment opportunity in the upcoming online event organized by NLO.

Despite various economic setback to different industrial sectors due to Covid-19 related lockdown, and not so soft Brexit, a cannabis sector is a market place that has remained robust as ever. It is quite evident that the UK can make giant leaps in the post-Brexit and post-Covid-19 era.

There are numerous reasons to believe that the UK is well-positioned to face various challenges. It is the largest CBD market in Europe. Further, most industry participants agree that this market will grow 300% or more in the coming 3-4 years, thus crossing around £1 billion mark.

This trend is evidently pan-European, which is just another reason to think about investing in the cannabis market. EU market is also expected to maintain its pace and grow by more than 300% in just 3-4 years.

UK differs from other EU nations in many ways, as it is a more transparent market. Changes in the FSA regulations means that there is now much clarity regarding the status of CBD. Regulatory initiatives will ensure that only high-quality manufacturers with long-term goals stay in the market.

It is evident that days of small players charging premium price are over. Future will belong to companies with a focus on quality and branding. There might be a fall in prices of certain types of CBD products, but value-added CBD products like edibles or topicals will continue to see growth in every aspect. Companies with an ability to develop value-added brands will see much improvement in their returns in the future.

CiiTECH believes that dividends of investing in the cannabis market will be high in the coming years. These are not just comprehensions, rather a something supported by robust data. It is going the be the fastest-growing segment of healthcare products, making it attractive for investments. Market data shows that the wellness market is growing at a much slower pace of about 12%.

Those interested in learning more, or exploring the investment possibilities in the cannabis market in the UK may join the online event planned by NLO in the evening of 28th January 2021. Registration for this online event is free. Keynote speakers to the event will speak on the range of topics like looking beyond Brexit, legal perspectives, and so on. CiiTECH founder and CEO Clifton Flack will be one of the keynote speakers focusing on the UK CBD opportunity.





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